Why can’t my students see my course book?

In Classavo, you have the ability to control when students are able to access their chapters as well as their homework. This means that students will only be able to see the content that you assign to them.

Is there a PDF or hard copy of my course book?

Classavo course books are built to be online interactive experiences and do not come in PDF format. The features that make your interactive experience so special, like 3D models, interactive code editors and responsive assignments, are only accessible online by you and your students. These interactive course books are optimized to be a cost-effective and engaging alternative to printed books that are both expensive and ineffective due to a lack of immersion. Our interactive experiences have been designed to be engaging to students and the best way to interact with the book is online at! However, students are able to print copies of the interactive course if they so choose.

How do my students know when their homework is due?

If you are assigning the chapter or document for your students to work on outside of class and have set a date in which the assignment is due, you are able to set the date the assignment is due in the assignment builder to indicate the due date for your students.

Can I assign only parts of a chapter to my students?

You are unable to only assign part of a chapter to students. When you assign the chapter it will assign everything that is in that chapter.

Editing the Course Book

Q: How do I edit the course book?

A: One of the advantages of having your textbook in Classavo is that you can edit it to include only the content you want and to fit your instructional style. To edit your course book, click on the chapter you would like to revise and click the “pencil” on the upper right hand side of the screen. Once you open up the editor, it functions much like a word processor. You are able start dragging blocks from the bottom of the screen to the interactive editing area on the left side of the screen, these blocks are the keys to creating interactive courses.
Q: How do I change the title of one of the chapters or section headers?

A: To change the title of one of the chapters you must click the chapter that you want the title edited for. Now on the right-hand side of the view chapter card click the pencil button. At the top left of the editing window, you will see the title of the chapter. This will change the title of the chapter that appears in the course book index. Here you are able to type and change the title to suit your needs. To change your section headers inside of a chapter, you must go from the course book reader view to the course book editor view. While in the editor drag a header block into the interactive editing area on the left side of the screen. Click the header block to add a title, once you are finished adding a title click apply. This title is then added to the section browser on the right side of the reader. Once you are finished making changes in the editor, you may click save and back to reader. Q: Where should I go if I would like to find additional material for my class?

A: We have recently launched Classavo's app Marketplace, which is a space for our community of professor partners to share and adopt content. Click the Marketplace button in your upper course banner and select your subject to browse our current selection. If this button is not currently visible in your course, simply email to request it! We'll be adding more content with time, and are also always looking for professors who are interested in contributing. Reach out to your Classavo representative or our Support Team ( if you have any questions about the Marketplace!


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