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NNotate - Image and Video Annotation Tool


Release Notes

  • Added new functionality for PolyLine annotations.

    • Added a new tool for mask generation.

    • Updated “Statistics and Reporting” tool to include reports for PolyLine annotations.

    • Updated “Category List Editor” to modify visibility features of PolyLine annotations.

  • Upgraded annotation format to support multiple types of annotations.

    • Added tool for upgrading the dataset.

    • Supports for CWH format of bounding box annotations is deprecated.

  • Redesigned “Statistics and Reporting” tool.

    • Added support to display statistics for a specific class.

    • Separated views for Box and PolyLine statistics.

  • Added new shortcuts.

    • Added “Shortcuts” display in the main menu.

  • Added option to modify ROI Color in “Category List Editor”.

  • NNotate UI improvements.

    • Category color encoding in Annotation List.

    • Number of annotations per image in Image List.

  • Added progress bar to display the progress for all long-lasting processes.


  • Fixed a bug related to general display properties.

  • Fixed a bug related to opening recent datasets.

  • Fixed bugs in video dataset editor.

  • Bug fixes in “Camera Grabber”.

  • Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • ​Added "Statistical and Reporting” tool.

  • Added support for reading and storing annotations in different formats.

  • Added feature for panning with middle click.

  • Added feature for zooming with Ctrl+Scroll.

  • Added feature for setting color for specific classes.

  • Added feature for changing font size of class name and box thickness.

  • Added feature for center cropping in camera grabber.


  • Other bug fixes.

  • Added "Camera Grabber" tool.

  • Updated User Interface


  • Fixed a bug in image info field.

  • Fixed references in User Manual.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Initial Release.



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